Xiaomi announces flagship 13 Series in collaboration with Leica

Powerful chip. Professional Camera capabilities. Extraordinary design.

NinjaMan Staff Report

12/19/20224 min read

Xiaomi unveils Xiaomi 13 Series today at its annual flagship launch event in Mainland China. As the second generation of devices created in collaboration with Leica, Xiaomi 13 Series introduces new optical and computational capabilities with Leica true color imaging, Leica 75mm floating telephoto lens, and offers professional camera features derived from Xiaomi 12S Ultra, including Leica optics and two photographic styles. Sporting a brand new design, Xiaomi 13 Series features powerful performance with the latest Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2, as well as Xiaomi's own Surge battery management system. Xiaomi 13 Series starts from RMB 3,999 in Mainland China official sales channels. Also announced during the launch are MIUI 14 and a host of flagship ecosystem products.

Dual flagships flaunting extraordinary design

Both Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Pro feature an all-new minimalistic design language highlighting its powerful technological capabilities. Created in four classic and captivating colors, White, Black, Flora Green, and Mountain Blue, Xiaomi 13 adopts a flat screen with matching flat edges for a clean and strong visual impact on the front. Xiaomi 13 Pro, in contrast, features a double-curved ceramic body for a uniform look that transitions smoothly, especially into the camera module. Also available in four colors, Ceramic White, Ceramic Black, Flora Green (Ceramic), and Mountain Blue.

To ensure a premium visual experience, both flagships sport best-in-class displays. Xiaomi 13 implements a screen-to-body ratio of 93.3% with a 6.36" full-screen AMOLED display and 1.61mm ultra-thin bezels. This new generation of AMOLED display offers a 10% increase in power efficiency, a resolution of 2400x1080, accurate colors, up to 120Hz refresh rate, and supports global DC dimming. Xiaomi 13 Pro, on the other hand, sports a larger 6.73" double-curved display and features the same new-generation AMOLED material. Offering a resolution of 3200x1440 and an accurate color display, as well as 120Hz LTPO dynamic refresh rate, Xiaomi 13 Pro also offers 1920Hz PWM dimming. The displays of Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Pro both have excellent HDR capabilities, with a fullscreen brightness of up to 1,200nits and a peak brightness of up to 1,900nits for optimal viewing. Furthermore, the blue color option of the two models features a new SKIN / nano-tech/ material. The specially developed material has a soft, excellent touch and fine texture, and is resistant to photodegradation and peeling even under prolonged sunlight exposure. Xiaomi 13 Series also offers IP68 protection.

Ultimate performance with
Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2

Xiaomi 13 Series features the latest 4nm flagship processors from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 mobile platform. The new 1+4+3 fusion CPU architecture brings 37% performance improvements while reducing power consumption by 47%. The brand new Adreno GPU brings 42% performance improvements while reducing power consumption by 49%. In typical benchmark workloads, Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 achieved almost 2x fps/watt.

Both devices are equipped with the latest LPDDR5X 8533Mbps memory and UFS 4.0 flash storage, offering data throughput on par with desktop processors, and greatly improving mass data operations such as computational photography. UFS 4.0 also includes our File-Based Optimization that keeps fragmentation at bay.

Authentic Leica experience offering two photographic styles with Leica true color imaging

Xiaomi 13 Series is equipped with Leica professional optics lens and two photographic styles as seen on Xiaomi 12S Ultra, with all-new Leica true color imaging and Leica portrait experience. Each lens is Leica optics-certified for high resolution, large aperture, and almost imperceptible aberrations, providing a solid foundation for excellent image quality. A new 75mm focal length is available for both telephoto and portraits.

Xiaomi 13 Pro's 75mm telephoto features a floating focus lens design that takes reference from the optical path design of SLR lenses and innovatively divides the six lenses into two groups, the rear three of which have a strong focusing ability and could float inside the lens group when focusing, thus achieving a large focusing range of 10cm to infinity within a limited travel distance, allowing you to shoot not only the original 75mm telephoto and portraits but also the super close-ups.

Leica Authentic Look, one of the two photographic styles on Xiaomi 13 Series, highly mimics the signature Leica style, preserving the true contrast between light and dark and accurate white balance of the image, avoiding significant distortion of light and color, and pursuing a precise balance of computational photography to capture the image without any distortion. The photos taken under this mode can be used directly, but also leave room for post-production adjustments. Leica Vibrant Look is an imaging style that maintains accuracy and restraint while making moderate brightening and saturation adjustments to present bright, sharp shadows and vibrant colors, making it more suitable for vivid scenes and information recording.

Xiaomi 13 Pro is equipped with a 4,820mAh battery and supports 120W wired charging and 50W wireless charging.