Fitbit Inspire 3 Review: Solid entry-level tracker at an incredibly competitive price

Colossal battery life. An ambitious amount of health metrics. Fitbit's new Inspire 3 does leave quite the impression

Aman Ali

9/26/20220 min read

There’s no doubt that there are a million fitness trackers out there. Probably more. But for someone who’s just about to start their fitness journey, the Fitbit Inspire 3 is an absolute no-brainer. The successor to the Fitbit Inspire 2 which came out in 2020, this new model is a significant upgrade with new features like an all-new color touchscreen, spO2 monitoring, Automatic exercise tracking, and more

What We liked
Comes bundled with 6 months of Fitbit Premium
New color touchscreen that works great even in direct sunlight
Extremely light and comfortable to wear
Ability to track specific workouts
A lot of emphasis on Mindfulness
Find my phone

What we didn’t like
No in-built GPS
SpO2 tracking isn’t instant
You can’t answer calls directly on the tracker

Fitbit’s Inspire 3 is extremely compact and comfortable to wear for long periods. In terms of form factor, it does remind you a lot about the Luxe model launched last year. The tracker itself is sold only in black however you do have three different bands to choose from (Midnight Zen, Lilac Bliss, and Morning Glow)

The tracker is water-resistant up to 50 meters so taking it for a swim should be no problem at all.

The departure from the monochrome display has to be the biggest highlight for this year’s Fitbit Inspire 3 tracker. Sporting a solid color AMOLED display, it enhances the overall experience altogether. The only drawback I saw with the display was that during workouts, some of the metrics might seem a little small at a glance but not a dealbreaker as such

The display supports an always-on feature however this does reduce the battery life from 10 days to about 3 days.

As far as fitness tracking goes, Fitbit has always been a pioneer in these things, and the Inspire 3 like their other wearables can track about 20 different workout types. Although I must point out that you can only store about six workouts on the device for instant access.
Sleep tracking would be my next favorite feature as the Inspire 3 also supports Fitbit’s flagship sleep functionalities like Sleep score, Sleep Stages, and the recently launched Sleep Profiles.

My main concern with the Inspire 3 has to be the connected GPS functionality. Basically what this means is that because the tracker has no built-in GPS, if you don’t carry your phone with you, You will be missing out on things like mapping your route. If you’re a runner, it kind of is a big deal.

The inspire 3 has most of what you’d expect from a basic fitness tracker. Steps tracking, heart rate monitoring, alarms, timers, you can even use the tracker to find your phone as long as it is within the Bluetooth range. Because of the brand’s affiliation with Google, there’s also fast pairing supported so configuring the tracker takes a mere few minutes. Other features include Menstrual health tracking which allows you to log periods, record symptoms and find patterns in your cycle & estimate your ovulation window.

Fitbit Premium

Fitbit’s premium subscription service offers a far more in-depth analysis of your general well-being. From offering things like wellness reports to diabetic-friendly recipes, the list is pretty endless. With content from some big names out there like Calm, Les Mills, Deepak Chopra, Pop Sugar and so much more, this makes the Fitbit App your go-to place for all your fitness requirements. Fitbit does offer a six-month membership to Fitbit Premium with the purchase of an Inspire 3 Tracker.

Overall Verdict
As a tech reviewer, I’ve used hundreds of trackers over the years. However, when it comes to performance and accuracy of data, nothing has been as consistent as Fitbit’s wearables at this price range. The Inspire 3 is a commendable piece of innovation at such an affordable price point. It gets all the basics right and that’s extremely crucial for someone getting into the fitness game for the first time. It’s small and compact to the extent that sometimes you even forget that you are wearing it.

The Fitbit Inspire 3 is available at all major retailers for AED 399